Anthony Davis Is Pulling Dead Weight In New Orleans

(Photo Via USA Today)

Another NBA season has rolled around and Anthony Davis seems to be just killing time. Davis is the top PF in basketball, but he isn’t being used to his fullest potential in New Orleans. The opening night stat line proves it all, Davis and Cousins scored 61 of the Pelicans 91 points in their loss against the Grizz.

The Davis/Cousins duo could be short lived as Cousins is set to become a FA in the 2018 offseason. Plus, if the Cavs are aggressive enough, who knows if they decide to pursue Cousins even earlier and float that savory Nets pick at the Pelicans.

On top of Cousins short stint, the Pelicans lost a top draft pick in that process, which was a very high first round pick. In the last couple drafts, the Pelicans have drafted Buddy Hield, and Nerlens Noel in the past couple drafts. Both players aren’t on the team, and Nerlens nevered played for New Orleans at all due to a trade.

The Pelicans have also resigned PG Jrue Holiday, and they are paying him $126M over 5 years, for average play. Jrue Holiday is good, marginal – but Davis needs an elite PG so he can plateau to a contender. To top it off, the Pelicans also brought in Rajon Rondo, who has played well with Boogie in the past. But, let’s face it – he’s volatile in the locker room.

Warrior hating aside, Davis needs a fresh start at a functional franchise, what situations would be ideal? Between the Spurs, Celtics, Rockets, Blazers, and Bucks – Anthony Davis could finally be on the biggest stage without being a sell out.  

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