Pump The Brakes On The Markelle Fultz “Bust” Talk, For Now…

(Photo Via Getty Images)

We are VERY early into the NBA season. Everyone loves to jump to conclusions 4 games in for some reason – one of the things Twitter has already stated is that “Fultz is a bust” – of course it’s a fact then, right?

Let’s remember, Fultz was not drafted into a normal roster at the #1 pick. There is a TON of mouths to feed in that Sixer starting five. Embiid, Covington, Redick, Simmons, Saric, Bayless etc. Fultz was drafted to be the point guard of the future, but the best passer on that team is clearly Ben Simmons.

This team basically just added Simmons, Fultz, & Redick. Two players haven’t even played a game yet together and both will push the ball up the floor. The fit is certainly awkward to start out. But we are a week into the NBA season – to top it off, Fultz is hurt in his shooting shoulder, he will miss time.

Fultz has yet to mix into this lineup, 4 games is not a sample size worth taking any insight from. There is a reason Fultz was drafted #1 overall, he is an elite offensive talent. Give him time, Rome wasn’t built in a day folks.

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