The Suns Are Reportedly Struggling To Find A Young Player In A Potential Eric Bledsoe Trade

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Well, we have a textbook example of procrastination. Except, this isn’t a college student’s daily life, we’re talking millions of dollars on the line because the Sun’s failed to listen to Eric Bledsoe the first time.

The Suns ignored Eric Bledsoe’s requests before the season, and now they are feeling the heat. In the offseason, the Suns could have gotten a ton of value for Bledsoe. The Cavaliers were scrambling to get rid of Kyrie, and even before that – they were mentioned in every rumor under the sun trying to improve their roster. Even if Cleveland didn’t work – Boston was very active, the Clippers were very active, the Bucks have value, the Bulls were active, etc…

It’s no secret Eric Bledsoe wants to move on, and rightfully so – he deserves it. The Suns have had poor management which has led to the misuse of Bledsoe’s talent. People forget, the Sun’s tried and failed to implement a three guard set with Goran Dragic, Isaiah Thomas, and Eric Bledsoe. That failed, and then the Suns traded Isaiah Thomas to the Celtics for peanuts, and Dragic is enjoying success in Miami.

Furthermore, the Suns also limited Eric Bledsoe’s minutes at the end of last season to give Tyler Ulis a much bigger role. To add insult to injury, he was shut down the final 14 games of the season. The Suns have misused Bledsoe for years, and he certainly isn’t getting younger. At some point in any bad relationship, everything boils over in frustration. Now, the Suns are scrambling to trade Bledsoe, and his demand is very low. This is all on the Suns, Bledsoe just wants better for his career.

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