Don’t Worry About The Thunder, They Will Be Fine

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We are 2 weeks in almost – and the conclusion train is in full gear. The Thunder have started out the season 2-3, and just came off a loss to the TWolves last night. This team is not built to gel in a matter of minutes, they aren’t the Warriors – and they do not have LeBron.

They are built around Russell Westbrook, Carmelo Anthony, and Paul George. Like it or not, all three guys need to the ball in their hands a lot. Russ may average 10+ APG, but his usage rate is through the roof, and he turns the ball over a lot. Paul George, and Carmelo Anthony are isolation scores for the most part, it takes time to gel three score first players.

As far as recent games, the two losses against the TWolves could have gone either way. Don’t forget, Melo hit a clutch go ahead 3 pointer in the first matchup  that would have won – but then Wiggins hit a heave to win the game. Last night, they only lost by 3 points – a difference of one shot. This team was never built to kill it together right out of the box, they are talented enough to be the #2 seed. Give the Thunder time to come together, they are fine.

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