There Is A Case For The Orlando Magic Making The Playoffs

(Photo via Denver Post)

The Orlando Magic have started out on a flaming hot streak. They have beat Cleveland, San Antonio, and Miami to start out the season. So, naturally – the jokes about the Magic playing well are flying the twittersphere. The Magic are nowhere near contending with the Cavs and Celtics yet. But, there is a universe where teams improve without adding an All-NBA player. Remember, the Warriors were a playoff team – but never a contender before 2015. But, they got a LOT better and now they have been to three straight finals, won two.

The Magic are NOT the Warriors by any account. But, teams can indeed get better as they age in the NBA, while developing chemistry. The Magic have a pretty nice young core – they have Vucevic, who is a nice & consistent 11 & 10 big man. They have Fournier, who is a consistent scoring wing player, Elfrid Payton, who has a ton of potential still as a young PG. Also, Aaron Gordon has come into his own this season – he is averaging 23.7 PPG, and 9.7 RPG.

On top of their young stars budding, they added Jonathan Simmons, and DJ Augustin, and Terrence Ross who bring great wing defense, and scoring off the bench. Don’t forget the Magic still have Biyombo, who is a specialist at protecting the rim off the bench. The Magic have sneaky good depth this season.

The Magic do not have what it takes to compete for an East title yet, but in the Eastern Conference – making the playoffs is not far fetched.

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