REPORT: The Clippers Almost Traded DeAndre Jordan To Houston Last Season

(Photo Via ClutchPoints)

Bleacher Report:

With both Chris Paul and Blake Griffin approaching free agency last season, the Los Angeles Clippers considered a deal to trade DeAndre Jordan to the Houston Rockets, according to Zach Lowe of ESPN.

As Lowe reported, the potential deal took place prior to last year’s deadline and would have been for Clint Capela, picks and more players. The move “gained semiserious traction” before apparently falling apart

The Clippers were clearly trying to restart their team even way before the Chris Paul trade. This wasn’t the first time the Rockets were an engaged partner in a potential Clippers trade… I don’t really get the point of trading Jordan for Clint Capela. They would basically get a poor man’s DeAndre Jordan with Capela and nothing would change.

The Clippers made the right moves to restart their team. They were pulling dead weight the last 3 years and Chris Paul was not getting any younger. The Clippers have now started off the season hot and DeAndre Jordan leads the NBA with 17.4 RPG. Not often does a team trade their franchise point guard and remain competitive. The Clippers made the right moves to ensure that.

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