REPORT: Gordon Hayward Is Reportedly Out Of His Cast, Put In A Walking Boot, Shooting In A Chair

(Photo via clutchpoints)


The last thing you would have expected is that Gordon Hayward is attempting to walk around and take shots sitting down two weeks after suffering one of the most gruesome injuries you will ever see. This is the best news the Celtics and their fans could possibly get. The Celtics, despite losing Hayward, are atop the Eastern Conference at 5-2 and the Cavaliers are in a slump. All of this without Hayward, and a thin bench.

Before the season, it was assumed the Celtics would be matching up with the Cavaliers yet again in the Eastern Conference Finals, and the Cavaliers would win. The way both teams look, it would seem like a competitive series now. Add Hayward into the equation, these Celtics could beat the Cavaliers. They would get crushed by Golden State though, let’s not mistake that. Anyway, we still don’t know when Hayward will be lacing them up again, but one thing is for sure – he is way ahead of scheduled than originally thought. The entire Eastern Conference playoff landscape awaits on the status of Hayward.


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