Detroit Is Reportedly Interested In Acquiring Eric Bledsoe, Would Need To Include Reggie Jackson

This is a no-brainer for both teams. Phoenix has been told by every team that they will not give up key players in exchange for Bledsoe. If Detroit wants Bledsoe for Jackson, Phoenix should be on the phones frantically right now. Reggie Jackson isn’t a star, but he will give you 15 & 7 to support your scoring attack. That’s a lot better than Tyler Ulis would offer and you can get the Eric Bledsoe weight off your shoulders.

For Detroit, you would have a backcourt of Eric Bledsoe and Avery Bradley. In a conference where you have Kyrie Irving and John Wall, defending the wing with that duo would be ideal. This would set them up for a playoff push to compete for the 4-6 seed.

This could be their lineup:

G Eric Bledsoe

G Avery Bradley

F Stanley Johnson

F Tobias Harris

C Andre Drummond

That’s a playoff team.

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