The 2017 Celtics/Cavaliers Situation Is Oddly Similar To The Hawks/Cavs In 2015

The Celtics have literally not lost in a calendar month. It’s absolutely crazy how good they have been since the season started – even though it seems everyone on that team has been injured and that bench is thinner than a Kit-Kat. The Celtics are the biggest story of the season so far (The Thunder dry-heaving every game is a close second).

The similarities between these Celtics/Cavaliers & the 2015 Hawks/Cavs is worth talking about. The 2015 Atlanta Hawks won 60 games even and clinched the top seed in the Eastern Conference. Also, they won 19 games in a row and seemed unstoppable. They had Al Horford, and Kyle Korver – and the teams make up was ball movement and unselfish play.

As far as the Cavaliers, they started out the season 5-7 in 2014-15, just like this season – they had a whole new team and needed to gel quick. The Cavaliers obviously got their stuff together and swept the Hawks in the Eastern Conference Finals. Not saying the same thing will happen, or the Celtics are the exact team as the 2015 Hawks, but it’s too early to jump to generalizations when LeBron is still the kingmaker of the league. Take November with a grain of salt.

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