James Harden Is The Clear NBA MVP So Far

So far, it seems there has been dozens of guys considered for MVP of the NBA in November… But, there’s only one clear cut guy for the award, it’s clearly James Harden right now. Harden is currently averaging 31.6 PPG, 4.8 RPG, 9.9 APG, and 1.7 SPG – to go along with 4.5 3PM per game.

The Rockets have also jumped out to a 13-4, which is tied with the Warriors for first in the Western Conference. A lot of people will say Kyrie Irving is the league MVP. But, Kyrie’s numbers do not stack up to Harden so far, and the Celtics system is a TEAM more than relying on one guy. The Rockets lost Chris Paul for a while, putting the workload and pressure all on the shoulders of Harden. Even with the loss of Hayward, the Celtics have had huge team contributions from Al Horford, Jaylen Brown, etc.

You can’t make an argument for Giannis because the Bucks are currently hovering around .500 – and same with Porzingis and the Knicks. To go back to the Kyrie/James Harden debate – one of the most important stats in measuring value is Win Shares, James Harden already has 4.0 WS – while Kyrie Irving has 2.9 so far this season. Kyrie has been FANTASTIC this season so far, but all the Rockets marbles are on James Harden, the Celtics have been winning on team basketball with Kyrie as the lead guy.

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