Is Boston, Or Philadelphia The Future Of The Eastern Conference?

There’s two teams that are in position to rule the roost in the Eastern Conference for many many years to come – The 76ers and the Celtics. But, which team will be the kingmaker? And which team will be second? Or will they go back and forth like the old Lakers/Celtics?

You could pick either team and have really strong points for them. The 76ers could have not one, but two franchise players with Joel Embiid, and Ben Simmons. If you told me that both players make the top 20 players all time by the time they hang the kicks up, I would not be surprised at all. Not to mention, key players like Robert Covington, and Embiid are locked up for multiple years, and Ben Simmons is still making rookie money – giving them leeway to pursue an expensive free agent.

As far as Boston goes, they have better management, way better coaching, and a superstar point guard in Kyrie Irving. Not to mention, Jaylen Brown and Jayson Tatum are still college aged kids who are just starting to blossom. Boston also is way better defensively than Philadelphia is, giving them breathing room if Kyrie has a bad shooting night. You have strong reasons for either team, but Boston right now looks to be in the driver’s seat of the Eastern Conference until Philadelphia can stay healthy consistently and bring in a veteran point guard.

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