Sixers and Nets Trade Grade

Sixers: B-

The Sixers recently traded away Okafor and Stauskas to free up cap space and to find both players an opportunity to play more, rather than sitting on the bench. They did however gain a veteran low-post scorer who can come in handy when Embiid sits out a game or needs rest during a game. Unfortunately, they had to sweeten the deal with a 2nd round pick that could have came in handy if they wanted to draft another shooter to spread the floor. But, nonetheless, the trade was still productive for the Sixers to find their players a new home.

Nets : A-

The Nets have won their recent trade. The Nets received an all star caliber center in Okafor and a potentially good swingman in Stauskas to be played in their rotation. Okafor can seemingly become one of the franchises young stars as long as the coaches put him in a situation to flourish. Also, the Nets received a 2nd round pick that can add to their young core’s depth.

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