Let’s Be Honest About Derrick Rose…

In 2011, Derrick Rose was named MVP (25.0 PTS, 7.7 AST, 4.1 RB). Not only did he win, he is also the youngest player to ever receive the award. At the time he was on a very competitive Chicago Bulls team, and the future looked bright.

Fast-forward six years and all we are left with is a shell of the former MVP. After multiple injuries that have essentially been career altering, Rose is now the back-up Point Guard for the Cleveland Cavaliers. Although he isn’t the player he once was, he is now arguably in the best position of his career to win his first ring.

Over the past couple of years, fans would see glimpses of vintage Rose. In the beginning of the 2017-18 season (14.3 PTS, 1.7 AST, 2.6 RB over 12 games) he looked great while starting in place of the recovering Isaiah Thomas, but was still finding his place on the team. However, injuries crept up on the progress he was making and once again was sidelined. This time however, it was different.

Rose took a hiatus from the team, but the reality of the situation was him taking a mental break. A mental break much needed. 28 years old and his body is breaking down like a 20 year veteran. It’s hard to overcome a ‘what could have been’ story like Rose’s. It wasn’t long before Rose returned to the team. Unfortunately, bad news didn’t linger far.

Late last week Rose spoke for the first time since returning to the Cavaliers. He revealed that he has a bone spur in his left ankle that may require a procedure if rehab isn’t enough to get it back to 100%. As insensitive as it sounds, if Rose does in fact need surgery, it may be time for him to call it a career and pursue other endeavors. Let’s be honest, even if he does fully recover (whether he has surgery or not), chances are he will get injured again based on his injury history.

At the end of the day the decision is Rose’s to make. If he can find a way to get healthy and contribute in the NBA Finals, assuming the Cavaliers make it, it would be a nice way to end his career. Taking it even a step further, if Rose and the Cavaliers can win it would really be the icing on the cake. Let’s face it, there’s no better way for Rose to end his career than by sailing into the sunset with a championship ring.

By: JR DePierro

Twitter: @JR_DePierro




Stats Via: Cleveland.com & Basketball-Reference.com

Image Via: NBA.com

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