Kawhi Leonard Is BACK Tonight, But On Restrictions


Kawhi Leonard will (probably) make his long-awaited return to the basketball court on Tuesday night against the Mavs after missing the first 27 games of the season with a quadriceps injury.

Leonard’s rehab has been a long and arduous journey to get back on the court, as the MVP candidate has dealt with setbacks and the generally “weird” nature of his injury. After two months of questions about when he would touch the floor, Leonard is ready to bring the Spurs back to near full strength (they will still be without Kyle Anderson for at least a few more weeks) which should make them legitimate contenders in the West.

One can’t help but wonder what Leonard was doing during his time away from the court. Of all of the NBA superstars, Leonard is the one we know the least about off the court — aside from liking 2 Chainz, but then again who doesn’t. What does someone whose life has been solely dedicated to trying to perfect his craft do when they are forced off the court for an extended period of time?


Well, the Spurs have finally gotten their superstar back from his doozy of a quad injury. The Spurs have still done pretty well without Kawhi, sporting a 19-8 record – which is good for 3rd in the West. Kawhi will return to action, but on a minutes restriction similar to Joel Embiid’s situation last season. Which, is a good thing – you don’t want to rush your MVP caliber player when you are still 3rd in your conference.

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