Are The Bulls The Hottest Team In The East?

Hold on hold on… Before you come at my neck, just remember LeBron is still chasing the ghost of Michael Jordan. So, there’s a strong possibility the ghost of Michael Jordan is pushing the Bulls to the promise land. (ha)

The Bulls have won 4 straight games, over the Hornets, Celtics, Knicks, and now the Jazz. I am now beginning to think the Bulls are the hottest team in the East. Nobody will talk about this, so I should get you the facts. Not to mention the Fin Reaper has been out the past two games…

FACT: The Chicago Bulls went from 3 wins, to 7 wins in a 4 game span. Nobody in the NBA has increased their wins by over 100% in that span.

FACT: The Chicago Bulls currently have 20 losses, the same loss total as the 2011 Chicago Bulls. This was the same team that went to the Eastern Conference Finals and had an MVP point guard.

FACT: this segways from my last fact, the 2011 Bulls, with the same loss total – had Derrick Rose, who was the MVP point guard that got them there. With that being said, this is Kris Dunn’s stats against a mystery man over this four game stretch:


FG% – 39%

TO: 1.8

Clutch shots: 2

Flexes after said shots: 1

Wins: 4

Mystery Man:

FG %: 38%

TO: 4.3

Clutch shots: 0

Flexes after said shots: 0

Wins: 2

You guessed it, the mystery man is Russell Westbrook. I gave you the mystery man stat board like Nick Wright, except mine actually blew your mind and made you a modern day philosopher. I even calculated those stats on the back of a Dollar General receipt because all these Bulls are doing is cashing in. With that being said, it means that Kris Dunn is playing at an MVP level folks.

FACT: If you want to be considered elite, you must have A+ chemistry and a extraordinary hype man to push your squad. Bobby Portis and Nikola Mirotic have stepped up the past two games, creating a 1-2 punch that has knocked defenses right in the face. As far as the hype man goes, look no further than Bennie the Bull.

Thrill ride, Flava Flav, clear a path for Bennie the Bull because he is coming in HOT onto the landscape of hype men.

FACT: Will Rogers once joked about the theory of trickle-down economics. It was taken seriously, and now it’s a legitimate system. The Celtics started out as the hottest team in the East, then the Pistons, then the Cavaliers, and now it’s the Bulls. It was only a matter of time until it trickled down to the bottom of the barrell. It’s not like everything in life, or the NBA is solely dominated by the top 1% and the rest get the scraps or anything like that…..


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