Just How Good Has Curry Been Since His Return?

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Stephen Curry just displayed a masterful performance today in LA scoring 45 points, 11 for 21 from the field, 8 threes in just 30 minutes. He didn’t even play the 4th quarter due to his team was up by so much. This is just one of the few amazing games he’s had since his return from his injury this year.

Curry’s performances since his injury:

Home vs Memphis: 38 points 77 FG% 10/13 from three in 26 minutes

At Dallas: 32 points 11/19 FG 8 assists 6 threes made

At Houston: 29 points 9 rebounds 4 threes made 50 FG%

And of course today’s game which I already said above

In my opinion Curry is back in the MVP race as he’s improved his three ball to back over 40% and he’s scoring about 28 points per game and is proving to win games against good teams without Kevin Durant.

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