Should The Cavs Give Up A First For Tyreke Evans?

Bleacher Report:

The Memphis Grizzlies are reportedly asking for a first-round pick in any trade for guard Tyreke Evans, according to Adrian Wojnarowski of ESPN, however, the team is unlikely to find any takers.

Per that report, “The Grizzlies have missed in several drafts on first-rounders, including the waiving of 2015 No. 17 pick Wade Baldwin, and need to replenish their stock of picks. As a rental on an expiring deal, it is hard to imagine Evans delivering that kind of a return.”

Well, looks like the struggling Grizzlies will be trying to shop Tyreke Evans, who has out performed everyone’s expectations. I completely get why they want to trade him, just like Mirotic in Chicago, it’s a good idea to capitalize on this short runs with draft picks rather than just let these players age. Just hope my fantasy team doesn’t get a dent over a potential trade…

Well, where would he go? The most aggressive buyer at this deadline should be Cleveland, they HAVE to go all in on beating Golden State. Just like I said in My Last Blog, Cleveland needs to go all in on a title. LeBron is on the cusp of leaving, it’s time to get your ducks in a row in a valiant effort to beat GSW. Evans can score, pass, defend, and has a ton of experience against the Warriors since he has been in the West his whole career.

The only case where it might be difficult is cap space, if they can’t pull off a Jordan trade, and can’t afford Tyreke’s 3.29M salary – they could ask Memphis to pay his remaining salary and then they could get Cleveland’s actual first rounder (not Brooklyn’s, obviously). If cap space isn’t an issue, and you can’t get Jordan, why not give up the 30thish pick for Evans? I think the ROI there is worth it.



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