Michael Rapaport Says The Lakers Should Trade Lonzo Ball For Elfrid Payton Because Of LaVar…


I unfortunately had the displeasure of watching all 8 minutes of this, and of course it was cringeworthy. Clearly, you can’t have a conversation about the Lakers with Rapaport in an objective manner. It starts at about 3:11, he really suggested trading Lonzo Ball, a number two overall pick, for Elfrid Payton. Yes, that Elfrid Payton.

Nobody who has watched basketball for half a second would take that deal less than half a season in. By the way, Lonzo is averaging 10.0 PPG, 7.1 APG, and 7.1 RPG. Stop acting like he stinks because you can’t stand LaVar Ball. Rapaport also insists Lonzo will fade out of the rotation if LeBron comes. WHAT? A pass first point guard will get removed from the rotation when the NBA’s second leading scorer shows up?

That makes no sense. If anything, that makes the chemistry of a fast-paced offense even better. This is not the 1980s anymore, you can have multiple talented passers on the same floor. A Lonzo/LeBron combo is perfect for a modern style of basketball.


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