Woj: Cavs Reluctant To Include Brooklyn Pick In A DeAndre Jordan Trade

So, Woj just said on ESPN’s airways that the uncertainty of LeBron’s future is hindering the Cavaliers at the NBA trade deadline. The Cavaliers will only trade that draft pick if they believe the deal puts them “over the top” according to Woj. In other words, better than Golden State. They also do not believe that DeAndre Jordan is that guy. Which is completely understandable – his lack of offense and free throw shooting will be a problem late in games.

If teams foul him, he will get forced out of the game, then what does his defense and rebounding do? nothing. You’re essentially back at square one, with no insurance picks. DeAndre Jordan would certainly help Cleveland, especially with their inability to defend. But, there’s a TON of risk if you still can’t beat GSW, and LeBron goes elsewhere.


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