Kevin Durant’s Moment in History

Wednesday night against the Los Angeles Clippers, Kevin Durant reaches another milestone in NBA history. He will be the second youngest player to reach 20,000 career points. The youngest player to reach 20k career points is Lebron James.

This is a huge milestone for any player, and this shows how much of a prolific scorer that Kevin Durant is. He may be the best scorer in NBA history due. Durant is essentially a shooting guard but in a center’s body. Being a 6’11 wing player with guard like skills spells trouble for whoever he is playing against. Kevin Durant scores at will on any defender because of some of his intangibles, such as his height, wingspan, etc. When you mix his god-given talent, hard-work and dedication to the game of basketball, there’s no telling how high Durant’s ceiling is.

Durant is a legend in the making. As of now, he is number 44 on the scoring list. Ex-all Star Antwan Jamison is ahead of him sitting at 20,042 points. Durant may possibly hit his 30,000 mark before he is 33, which is an outstanding achievement. And by the time the end of the regular season, Durant may rise to the 35th spot, which Walt Bellamy sits at 20,941 points.


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