The 4 Areas the NBA Has the NFL Beat

The Commissioner

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NBA Commissioner Adam Silver’s NFL-counterpart Roger Goodell, is unpopular and is disliked by players and fans for his inability to handle controversy, and his inconsistency in handling player punishments.

Silver, on the other hand, is more than willing to address and try to fix the issues that plague the NBA in the modern era.

His reforms include spacing out the schedule, decreasing the number of DNP-rests that were accumulated by stars during prime-time games and cut down the number of timeouts to quicken up the end of regulation. Furthermore, Silver is actively seeking out a Hack-a-Shaq rule to limit intentional fouling, and improve the pace of play.

He not only looks out for fans, but players as well, which is one of the reasons he doubled down on the fact that the All-Star draft will not be televised. He created the draft to try to create a more competitive atmosphere, but is also protecting the dignity of players who could become offended due to their selection.

Based off of Silver’s track record, we can trust the player-ref disputes will be handled appropriately.

Player Mobility

Kevin Durant Warriors
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Over the past several years, “the Decisions” made by Lebron James and Kevin Durant have destroyed the notions of player loyalty, reminding their NBA peers that the league is a business. Teams will, at some point, be open to trade their star players away, so why shouldn’t players have the right to explore new opportunities and look out for themselves.

The decisions they made resulted in one hectic off-season in the summer of 2017. The many trades and signings that occurred saw many All-star caliber players change cities, and officially began the Super-team era. The Houston Rockets, Oklahoma City Thunder, Minnesota Timberwolves, Denver Nuggets, and Boston Celtics were just a few of the teams that made moves to try and compete with the Cleveland Cavaliers and Golden State Warriors, who were coming off three consecutive Finals match-ups.  

Now that it’s clear anything can happen, the off-season in the NBA can be just as exciting as the playoffs.

International Play


The NFL played four games in London and one game in Mexico in 2017.

The NBA, whether it be through exhibitions games in Africa and China, or the Olympics featuring their best players, has gone farther than and has a more lasting effect in other places than the NFL.

Also, with young players like Kristaps Porzingis, Frank Ntilikina, and Lauri Markkanen all from places in Europe, exposure and support of the league only increases. And don’t think we’d forget to mention Dirk Nowitzki, aka the Germanator.

LeBron James

Chicago Bulls v Cleveland Cavaliers

Hate him or Love him, The King is great for the league. So many storylines follow him year in and year out, maybe even more so now that he’s in his fifteenth season. Here are just a few:

  • His ongoing rivalry with the Warriors, or his renewed one with the now Kyrie Irving-led Celtics.
  • His MVP-caliber play despite being 33 years old.
  • His impending free agency, and a possible Decision 3.0.
  • When he’ll decline and who will usurp him as Best Player of the World.
  • And most importantly, watching him chase the ghost of Michael Jordan

I mean, yes, Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers are on his level in terms of talent and consistency, but have they transformed the NFL the way he has the NBA?

His cryptic tweets and sometimes immature but human behavior. His vocality regarding social and political issues. His business savvy and economic impact on the city of Cleveland. No one can replicate the things LeBron has done for the league.

By: Adam Tayabali


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