Looks Like Max Kellerman Recorded A Bunch Of Rap Videos In The 1990s And They Are Just As Funny As You Think

To quote John Oliver, “I think this is what killed Biggie, and Tupac”

Honestly, i’m thoroughly disappointed in myself that I didn’t know about this debacle of a rap video until today (posted in 2013). As far as the actual substance of it, there’s a reason why this wasn’t picked up by Jimmy Iovine… the scowl in the beginning was oscar worthy tho. Almost Jon Gruden esque.

Just think about this for a minute, while Eminem was throwing up his mom’s spaghetti, Max Kellerman was recording rap videos in the Bronx, looking like the lost member of the Beastie Boys. He was recording these videos in the rap battle culture, and if there’s one thing you need in a rap battle it’s the ability to keep your cool and not get rattled.

Kyrie irving proved that Kellerman gets more rattled than any debate show host:


Yikes. Kyrie dropped the mic after 1 bar, stuffed him in a locker… Looks like Max wouldn’t last very long against Poppa Doc or the rest of the free-world…. After getting body bagged by Kyrie Irving, and Patriot fan commenters –  I’m just glad he didn’t quit his day job.



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