Matt Barnes Says He’s Boycotting McDonald’s Because Shareef O’Neal Wasn’t An All American….

CBS Sports:

Say what you want about Matt Barnes, but the former NBA forward appears to be fiercely loyal to his friends — even if it means he has to give up an American culinary classic in chicken McNuggets.

Barnes, who officially retired from the NBA earlier this year, said he’s boycotting McDonald’s because they left Shaquille O’Neal’s son, Shareef, off this year’s high school McDonald’s All-American Team. (The fast food chain has held its annual high school all-star exhibition game since 1977 and it is the most recognized All-American showcase in North American high school basketball.)

NO MORE NUGGETS! Sounds like a great slogan for a tee-shirt….

ummm, Okay? An NBA player’s family, who probably never eats at McDonalds, will not be eating the 10 mcnuggets they consume a year, that’ll put a dent in their profit margin. To the game, Shareef O’Neal is currently #24 in the ESPN ranks for high school players, and #32 on 247 Sports. He’s right on the edge, leaning out of the player ranks the McDonalds game selects from. The only reason there’s faux outrage is because he’s Shaq’s son. Quite frankly, I don’t know why they didn’t put him in, that name is good for branding and selling tickets. But, they selected the players they thought were the best.

Realistically, he would probably be ranked in the 50s if he didn’t have the Shaq brand on him since he was born. So why are NBA players whining about it??? he has a full ride to Zona, NBA scouts have their eyes on him, who cares if he doesn’t play in the McDonalds game? It doesn’t mean shit. Plenty of draft picks don’t play in those games. He will almost certainly get picked for the Jordan Brand game, so you’re 1 out of 2. Better than most players.

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