Not Since The Days Of Da Vinci Have I Seen A More Beautiful Piece Of Art Than This Lauri Markkanen Block

I might have misspoke on that tweet, he blocked his brains straight out of him by falling and getting the ball straight off the noggin. That’s the finishing touches on the masterpiece that was Markkanen’s week. Don’t forget a couple days ago he passed Curry for the fasted NBA player ever to hit 100 3’s.

As far as the block goes, there’s no way this sequence could have been worse for curry. He went up as weak as he could against a seven footer, and Lauri blocked him without jumping basically. Then, the ball went straight off his dome as he fell to the ground. At the end of the video, Steph stared blankly as he was on the ground still trying to process what happened, as Bulls fans go bananas. The Finn Reaper happened Steph. It’s a polarizing piece of art that I will never forget. Might be my favorite video of all time, right next to the LeBron block and Kevin Love’s lockdown game 7 defense on Curry.

Just to add, for the people that aren’t watching this game – Steph followed up by getting his cookies stolen by David Nwamba and Nwamba dunked it at the buzzer to give the Bulls the lead. What a sequence folks.


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