IT vs Paul Pierce Debate

This NBA season has had a lot of tribute videos to recognize players achievements from their former team. It’s always nice to see organizations show players how much they meant to them while they played for that respective team.

This situation is a little tricky. As we all know, Isaiah Thomas was traded in the offseason for Kyrie Irving and this left a bad taste in IT’s mouth. He was supposed to be honored earlier in the season when the Cavaliers played the Celtics, but Thomas felt that he doesn’t want to be honored in a tribute video until he was back to his old self so he can relish in the moment. Well, this moment has collided with Paul Pierce’s jersey retirement ceremony.

Pierce is known as one of the most successful Boston Celtic to date. He gave his heart and soul to the organization and they appreciated what he has done for the team/city. Paul Pierce spent 15 years in Boston where he won many accolades (10x All Star, 4x All-NBA team, 1998-1999 All-Rookie) and even won a championship where he was Finals MVP. He had an extensive Boston career that is no doubt Hall of Fame worthy.

On the other hand, Isaiah Thomas did have a great but brief career in Boston. He played 3 seasons after being traded from the Phoenix Suns in the 2014-2015 season. Thomas averaged career highs in Boston and the team improved every year he was there.

A video tribute to him would be the proper thing to do, despite Pierce’s feelings even though Thomas’ career there was short. He played his heart out for the team and organization every game no matter what off court situations happened. The tribute wouldn’t interfere with Pierce’s jersey retirement because the video would be played during the introduction ceremony, rather than halftime or after the game where Pierce will retire his jersey. Thomas does deserve a video tribute from the Celtics but in due time.

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