For The Cleveland Cavaliers, It’s Time To Gamble

Well, the Cavaliers just got their shit kicked in to be honest, and now it’s becoming clear – this team has no chance at beating Golden State, they might even lose to Boston at this state. What’s next? trade for a rim protecting big – don’t wait, now is the time, it’s never been clearer. Think about it, this whole situation with LeBron & Cleveland isn’t going to end well anyway. Even if they win a title, LeBron’s gone and then you’re back at zero. Cleveland is the least appealing place for free-agents without LeBron, so this ship isn’t being rebuilt in a year. But, if you win a title – you will be able to withstand 5-8 years of mediocrity. If the front office sits on this team, they will lose the title again – lose LeBron, and that’s all she wrote.

Seriously, what is the 9th pick in the NBA draft going to do to boost your franchise? nothing. Now is the time to put your chips in one corner, and go for it all. I would rather go down swinging in this situation than sit on the “safe decision” and just be manhandled in June. Doesn’t make any sense. If you think about, this whole story of LeBron in Cleveland has just been one big lucky jackpot anyway. They got the top pick in 2003, the year the best high school player of all time happened to be entering the draft.

They rode those coat-tails going over a decade now. Even with LeBron from 03-2010 – they still couldn’t bring in marquee free agents. Fast forward to 2011, they lose LeBron – stink up the joint and sit atop of the draft. There just happened to one of the biggest difference making guards in the last 10 years sitting there. Both balls bounced there way in those two years – without the Kyrie draft-pick, no chance LeBron comes back to Cleveland.

Just like when someone wins the lottery, the ride is one hell of a thrill, but that life always seems to crash. The Cavaliers are clearly starting to crash with this putrid defense. If they don’t gamble and go for it all now, they will murdered in June, and only have Kevin Knox to show for it. Not to mention, Isaiah Thomas is in a contract year, demanding a max contract for 20 PPG and terrible defense. There’s no chance the future is good, even if they keep this pick.

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