LeBron Is Reportedly Still Upset That The Cavaliers Didn’t Acquire Paul George & Eric Bledsoe for Kyrie


As ESPN’s Brian Windhorst reported on The Lowe Post, James is bothered the most by the team not trading for either Paul George or Eric Bledsoe (h/t Erik Garcia Gundersen of LeBron Wire).

Jackie MacMullan of ESPN reported there was a three-way deal in the works in June that would have sent both Bledsoe and George to Cleveland, with Irving and Channing Frye going to the Suns. Phoenix nixed the deal when it didn’t want to send the No. 4 pick to the Pacers.

According to Windhorst and Ramona Shelburne, James also “aggressively recruited” George to come to Cleveland and stay there beyond his free agency in 2018.

Cleveland eventually landed Isaiah Thomas but had to send Irving to the conference rival Boston Celtics, which are currently in first place in the East.

Wow. I’m so baffled. Who would have guessed that LeBron wouldn’t be thrilled the Cavaliers whiffed on acquiring Paul George AND Eric Bledsoe for Kyrie – and then they traded him to a conference rival and got Isaiah Thomas back, who might be the worst defender in the NBA. This is the least surprising thing ever, anybody would be rattled if their team screwed up what would have been a gigantic win for trading Kyrie. Not to mention James is a free-agent, looking to play elsewhere. Now, this Cavaliers team probably couldn’t guard a local high school team. Which is now forcing them to make major roster changes in February, calibrate, and hope it works again. When have you ever seen a title contender blow up their roster and restart twice in one season? This is one hot mess, let’s see how it plays out.

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