What Player Should The Thunder Consider Trading For This Trade Deadline?

The Thunder’s starting shootings guard just suffered a tragic season ending injury against the Detroit Pistons as he took a bad landing on a fall. This hurts the Thunder’s chances of contending to the finals this season because they always had Dre guard the opposing team’s best guard. Luckily for the Thunder a certain team just announced they are shopping a certain defensive minded shooting guard that could fill in Andre’s role.

Who Should the Thunder Look to Trade for?

The Thunder should look at the starting shooting guard for the Detroit Pistons, Avery Bradley. Woj  – ESPN’s Insider on all of the Trade talks just announced the Piston’s are shopping Avery Bradley. Bradley is one of the best defensive guards in the league, arguably the best. He was a star on the Celtics the past years and just got traded to the Pistons this off-season. He’s averaging about 15 points per game this season and he can shoot the three ball well, but the problem for the Thunder is who are they going to give up for him? Sam Presti has been amazing for this franchise so I wouldn’t be surprised if he makes a move to make the Thunder even more of a big threat in the West.

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