The Bulls Are Doing Tanking The Right Way

Coming into this season, nobody thought the Bulls would give off any excitement or exuberance in the slightest. But, the young guys like Kris Dunn, and Lauri Markkanen have killed it out of the gate – spurring off a few wins and enhancing their play. Most people think, why would they want to win games and move out of the top 3 in the draft? The NBA draft is pretty tricky, in this case I would rather have quantity over quality. Instead of having just the #2 pick, why not have the 6th, 13th, and maybe the 29th? That gives the Bulls 3 chances to form a young nucleus.

They took mediocre players at best, Nikola Mirotic, Robin Lopez, and Justin Holiday – and have the opportunity to turn all of them into tradable assets because of some early season success. Not to mention, the Mirotic trade clears even more cap room for a franchise that already had a ton. This is becoming the poor man’s Danny Ainge tactic over in Chicago. GarPax has been ridiculed often in the past couple of seasons, and they deserved it. But, they won the Jimmy Butler trade, I honestly don’t think it’s close. Kris Dunn, Markkanen, and LaVine for just Jimmy and Justin Patton, who I don’t think is getting off the bench. The Bulls lost 21.9 PPG with Butler, and gained 42.9 PPG with the young trio they acquired so far.

everybody looks at Philly’s process to tank to the top pick for 4 years, and think that’s the model. I think there was a ton of luck in that ordeal. They have been catching a break on Joel Embiid’s health lately, and caught Ben Simmons at the top of a very bad NBA draft. Outside of Simmons, Ingram, Dunn, and Brown that draft class was pretty puke worthy.

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