The Cavs & Hornets Have Been Discussing A Potential Kemba Walker Trade


As the Cleveland Cavaliers look to get something across the line before Thursday’s NBA trade deadline, they have “talked at least vaguely” with the Charlotte Hornets, ESPN’s Zach Lowe reported Monday.

Lowe floated a trade in which the Cavs would send Isaiah Thomas, the Brooklyn Nets‘ first-round draft pick and enough salaries to match an incoming package of Kemba Walker and Nicolas Batum.

However, Lowe added how the Hornets may not be content to accept anything that doesn’t include the Nets pick, whereas the Cavs will be reluctant to surrender that asset for whatever Charlotte can offer.

This is basically Cleveland attempting to patch up the loss of Kyrie Irving after the Isaiah experiment has been downright terrible. I’ve blogged it several times, Cleveland needs to deal that freakin’ pick and go all in now, LeBron is 10000000% gone either way. Kevin Knox or Robert Williams, whoever goes 8th in the draft is not saving Cleveland from the depths of mediocrity. If Kemba is the best they can get, put the chips in his basket and ride the wave. Cleveland is put into a corner they have no choice.

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