The Lakers Will Reportedly Shift Their Free Agent Focus Away From LeBron

Big Lead:

Well, well, well. The NBA trade deadline is rapidly approaching, and would you take a look at this!

The Lakers aren’t abandoning a summer pursuit of stars, but rather recalibrating their focus on a 2019 class that could include San Antonio’s Kawhi Leonard, Golden State’s Klay Thompson and Minnesota’s Jimmy Butler, league sources told ESPN.

Well, just like every other Laker rumor these days, looks like this one had the shelf life of a gallon of milk. I never bought into the Lakers & LeBron meshing. It doesn’t make sense for both sides to be honest, especially for LeBron. To me, if LeBron went to LA, I think he would be mailing it in. No chance in hell the Lakers beat the Warriors with LeBron, even if they got Paul George as well. LeBron knows that, and so do the Lakers. The Lakers instead look to be taking the route of building their wing with experienced players like Kawhi, and Klay, which is smarter for their younger core to build. We’ll see what happens, but i’m putting all my chips into the “Bron to Houston” basket.


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