Paul George And The Brotherhood OKC Has Built

During an interview with, Rachel Nichols of ESPN, Paul George spoke about playing for the Lakers and the relationship he has with Russell Westbrook and Carmelo Anthony. While admitting that at the time of his trade request it would have been ideal to play back home in LA, PG13 said “being here and playing along side Russ, playing along side Melo, I’ve built a real brotherhood with those guys. If we’re here right now, where can we be next year? Where can we be the year after that?”

Now it is no secret that the Thunder are currently riding a 4 game losing streak, and have underperformed at times this year. However, they have showed a significant amount of potential, enough to potentially make their All-Star small forward want to resign with the team and keep on building in OKC. When you consider the fact that PG is the second scoring option, he is having arguably his best season, being a top two way player in the league.

The post season might be the ultimate deciding factor for George. Right now OKC sits at fifth in the Western Conference and are three games behind the Timberwolves in fourth. However the ceiling for this team is still very high & it will be interesting to see how free agency pans out for the 5-time All-Star.

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