Cleveland Cavaliers Debut New Roster vs Boston Celtics

Today the Cleveland Cavaliers debuted four new players that they acquired just before the trade deadline against the Boston Celtics. The Cavaliers won the game 121-99, as LeBron lead the charge with a game high 24 points while also having 10 assists and 8 rebounds. The Cavaliers took control of the game late in the second quarter and never looked back.

As for the new Cavaliers, George Hill was the only player to start. Hill played 21 minutes and scored 12 points on 3-8 shooting with 3 boards and an assist. Jordan Clarkson played 23 minutes, the most out of the four new players. Clarkson led the Cavaliers in steals today with 2 and also scored the most out of the four new players, with 17 points on 7-11 shooting (3-4 from outside the arc). Clarkson played particularly well with LeBron, which is important if the Cavs intend on bringing home another championship. Clarkson hit two 3’s, both assisted by LeBron, late in the 3rd which sealed the deal on the Cavalier win. Larry Nance Jr. also played 21 minutes, he scored 5 points on 2-5 shooting, with 4 boards, 3 assists, and one highlight dunk. Rodney Hood played the least of the new Cavs with 19 minutes. Hood scored 15 points though on 6-11 shooting (3-6 from 3). Hoods’ playing time may be dependent on game flow since the Cavaliers have multiple players that play the two and three positions, which Hood plays. I expect Rodney Hood to soon flourish playing with LeBron. Hood shoots .389 from 3, best out of the new additions, and when playing with a talent like James you can expect to see a good amount of open threes since LeBron tends to attract opposing defenses. Hood coming from the Utah Jazz, will now be under a national spotlight, since the Cavaliers are title contenders and have the best player in the world. This means people will now get a taste of what Rodney Hood has to offer and get the chance to recognize his game.

Overall the Cavaliers future seems bright with the young new faces they brought in. The players they acquired are all trying to make a name for themselves and did not already have the track record that players like Isaiah Thomas did. Which meant bringing a big ego into the locker room and risking team chemistry if they did not buy into their new role. Only time will tell what the Cavaliers have in store, but they already look better than the team that was playing for them just a week ago.


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