John Wall Trade Value?

Relax everyone, the deadline is over and if I had to bet, John Wall isn’t going anywhere this offseason. but…

The Washington Wizards are 10-3 since John Wall has surgery. Oh, and they dropped 30 assists against Giannis and the Bucks last night. Want more? Jason McIntyre of The Big Lead just reported that the Wizards have led the Association is assists since John Wall left the lineup. Bradley Beal has emerged as a gifted playmaker and role players have shown that they deserve more minutes. I am not ready to move on from the former #1 overall draft pick but, what would a John Wall trade look like?

The Essentials:

Wall has an is making a cool 18 million dollars this year but that amount is set to almost double next year. Once Wall’s contract extension kicks in he will be making an absurd 37 million! Remember this for when you fire up that ESPN TradeMachine.

The Comparisons:

When Sacramento shipped Boogie, they received an asset in Buddy Hield, a playable veteran in Tyreke Evans, cap filler and the coveted first round draft pick. The Clippers received a first rounder, Boban, an expiring contract named Avery Bradley and promising forward Tobias Harris. The Kyrie trade landed All-NBAer and expiring contract IT4, cheap deal Jae Crowder and an unprotected high first round pick to Cleveland. Let’s use these trades as benchmarks in the hypothetical John Wall trade spectrum.

The Haul:

Ordinarily, Wall would fetch a young asset, a veteran/matching contract and a first rounder. Sure, this is not out of the question when uncovering Wall’s trade value. But, we still have to consider that point guards are in abundance in today’s league, with a new crop of pgs coming in via this year’s draft. Factoring in “need” and salary cap ramifications is a must do.

The Trades:

Denver may be a candidate. Would they be willing to ship 2019 expiring contract Kenneth Faried, Mason Plumlee and absolutel STUD Jamal Murray for Wall? Does Denver need to throw in a pick if they are giving up Murray? Does Denver want to take on a 37 million dollar contract with a Jokic extension not too far away? Washington would pick up frontcourt depth and another combo guard to pair with Beal; one who does not demand the ball as much as Wall and can space the floor as a spot up shooter if need be. This trade makes sense, right?

If Lebron stays…got your attention, didn’t I? Wall and Lebron share the same agent and he would want a serious upgrade if he decided to stay in The Land. Washington could give up Wall for George Hill and his non-guaranteed deal, Jordan Clarkson, improving rookie Cedi Osman and a pick swap. Unfortunately, both Cleveland and Washington cannot outright trade their picks so a swap would be the only option left. The Wizards would gain a likely top 7 pick in a deep draft and Cleveland would land a late first.


Let me hear your John Wall hypotheticals. Remember, we are looking for some combination of large expiring contracts, young assets and draft picks. Oh, and the team getting Wall actually has to have a need for him. One more thing, you need to find damn near 37 million bucks to trade.

Happy Hunting.


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