Top 2018 Free Agent Predictions

1.) Lebron James: Cleveland Cavaliers

2.) Paul George: Oklahoma City Thunder

3.) Chris Paul: Cleveland Cavaliers

4.) Demarcus Cousins: New Orleans Pelicans

5.) Deandre Jordan: Los Angeles Clippers

Contrary to popular belief I believe most of these players will not switch teams. Lebron, George and Cousins are in the best situation they can be in at the moment. George and Cousins gain the most money they can gain through their bird rights and they play with generational players (Anthony Davis, Russell Westbrook and Carmelo Anthony). It wouldn’t really make any sense basketball wise to move teams because they are in the best situation to win at this time.

Cousins and Davis are a fantastic duo that could’ve went deep into the playoffs and quite frankly, with another all star caliber player, they can take Golden State to 7 games or a possible upset. Paul George is playing with a top 3 point guard currently and an aging superstar who can still get his own on the floor. It wouldn’t really make complete sense to leave, other than playing for his hometown, which is understandable to an extent.

I believe Chris Paul will leave Houston to go to Cleveland to play with Lebron and compete in the finals for another title. I think this may happen because Lebron and CP make a duo that has unimaginable heights. Neither have played with a type of player before. Lebron needs a player like Chris Paul on his team and CP needs arguably the best all around player of all time to compete for a championship.

Lastly, I think Deandre Jordan will stay and possibly ask for a trade later. The market isn’t too high for him and he gains the most money out of the situation from the Clippers. The Clippers don’t necessarily have to build around him but definitely keep him in their future plans. As of now, Jordan is having a great year and for the foreseeable future.

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