The East Is As Wide Open As It Has Ever Been In Awhile

The last three years the Cavs have cake walked through the East getting to the finals with a date with the Warriors pretty easily. Things changed since then as Kyrie requested out of Cleveland and the Raptors being the strongest team they’ve had in team history. One part of the Cavs that makes them super vulnerable this year is their defense, all season long they’ve been one of the worst defensive teams in the league, unlike the Celtics who have been the best in defensive efficiency and the Raptors who are one of the best defensive teams as well.

Why the Ear is up for grabs:

The East is up for grabs this year between the Cavs, Celtics and Raptors. The Cavs still have the best player in the league and are easily one of the best offensive teams in the league. The Celtics are the best defensive team and their offense is finally starting to click since the all star break led by all star point guard Kyrie Irving. The Raptors have the best record in the east, the best bench in the league and DeRozan and Lowry have been lights out this season. Now obviously like the past season the Cavs struggled in the regular season and the Celtics and Raptors didn’t and the Cavs destroyed both teams but this year seems different. What I am trying to say is this is the weakest and most vulnerable Cavs team since Lebron came back and this is the strongest the Celtics and Raptors have been.

My prediction is that the Cavs beat the Celtics in the ECF in 6-7 games but much more competitive than last season.

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