Sprewell, Vince Carter Frobes, and 2Pac

Let’s put down the Twitter guns for a second and stop the violence. Basketball is fun. We don’t always need to be going at each other throats about whether  or not Al Horford is overpaid. Stop, the “does Derrick Rose still have game” debates, its caused too much bloodshed. For now, let’s just be civilized and argue about NBA hairstyles. Specifically, I’m talking about players who have gone from bald to un-bald, or vice versa.

Where do we begin? With Kobe, of course. Scratch that. Frobe. When exactly did Kobe lose the infamous afro? I don’t have the answer and quite frankly, I am not going to take the time to research. But I know this- bald Kobe won some MVPs. When I think of bald Kobe I think of the Black Mamba; a man who had become legend before his time was over. But I also think of that alleged rape case he caught. When I think of Frobe though, I think of rings with Shaq, infamous alley-oops, and a weird goatee phase. Truly torn here, folks. I mean, who the hell is this guy!frobe headband.jpg

Next up, Vince Carter. Air Canada has had some shaved head looks like aren’t truly bald but, close enough. That’s not the point, though. Carter once had his own Frobe. What’s more, this Frobe is responsible for the best dunk I have ever seen. Best. Dunk. I. Have. Ever. Seen. Frobe Vince ended the life of a 7 foot Frenchman. Probably should have started the next World War, if we’re being honest. But the Vince we all know has had short or no hair. Dunk Contest Vince was very closely shaven. Game -winning corner three versus the Spurs Vince was bald and rocked the headband. Wow. This one is messing with my head.vince-carter-clears-weis-olympics

It’s 2018 and we are talking about Latrell Sprewell. You’re welcome. Hey, who’s this weird bald dude? Yup, its Spree. Bald Spree looks like an Alien. He certainly does not look like the dude who choked his coach, or the dude who threatened to beat up Jerome Kersey with a 2×4. I like my Spree’s to have wild hair that exemplify a “I will literally eat your face during practice” attitude.Latrell-Sprewell-golden-state-warriors (1).jpg

Here are some honorable mention “do I or do I not like them?” hairstyles:

University of Michigan Chris Webber and Jalen Rose

Young versus Older Michael.

Ray Allen.

Vintage 90’s haircut Reggie Miller

Rookie Richard Jefferson

Kenny Smith featuring mustache

Olympic version of Gary Payton

Orlando Magic Shaq

J.Kidd rookie Maverick versus J. Kidd veteran Maverick



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