Damian Lillard MVP Convo

Throughout this season, many players like LeBron James, James Harden, Jimmy Butler and now Damian Lillard has some legitimacy to an MVP conversation. As always, Lillard has been overlooked for some reason, but this year he has earned the respect that he deserves. He’s playing the best he has ever played in his NBA career so far. Currently the Trailblazers sit at 3rd place in the Western conference, which is outstanding. The Western Conference is a very top heavy place to be and Portland with Lillard playing this great shows how much of an MVP candidate he is. Not many people had faith in Portland due to lack of bench depth and wing depth. This season he was named an All-star reserve and he truly deserved this accomplishment after averaging 26.8 points and 6.8 assists, which are career highs in both categories. Currently Portland is on an 8 game winning streak. Being a top 15 player as well as a top 10 point guard is a great feat. If Lillard can keep up this type of play throughout for a few seasons to come, he can possibly win MVP one of these years.

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