The 5 Most Impactful Players, From Moves Made at the NBA Trade Deadline

Today is now the one month mark since the NBA trade deadline. In this article we will highlight 5 players that are having a impact on their new respective NBA team since they were acquired.

5. Dwayne Wade- Miami Heat

Dwayne Wade was moved back to his former team in Miami in exchange for only a 2nd round pick. Since Wade has left Cleveland he has played 10 games with Miami and is averaging 3 more PPG than he did in Cleveland. D-wade has also had more than a couple of late big time plays in the short amount of time that he has rejoined the Heat. Night after night it seems as if Wade is making either a circus or clutch shot for his team. If Spolestra’s Heat expect to make some sort of playoff push Wade now provides the Veteran leadership that this Heat roster can definitely use.

4. Blake Griffin- Detroit Pistons

Blake Griffin is possibly the biggest move made this season. Griffin was traded a couple days before the deadline in exchange for Tobias Harris, Avery Bradley, and Boban Marjanovic. In terms of individual play, Blake has been playing a little less than what most would have expected from him, decreasing in PPG and RPG in his 16 games in Detroit. With that being said the Pistons have been struggling of late dropping to 5 games under 8th place in the East losing 9 of their last 11. Moving forward, Griffin has given Detroit another big time name next to Andre Drummond. Hopefully with the addition of Blake Detroit can now attract key free agents this offseason to make some sort of noise in the future.

3. Jae Crowder- Utah Jazz

Jae Crowder was acquired in a three team trade involving his former team Cleveland Cavaliers , his current team Utah Jazz  and lastly the Sacramento Kings. Ever since Jae has left Cleveland and went to Utah he has not nearly had as much spotlight on him but is performing way better than he was with the Cavs. Since being traded to Utah, in 10 games Jae is now averaging 4 more points per game than he was with the Cavs. In terms of how this has related to the team the Jazz are 8-2 in their last 10 with their only losses coming to the red hot Rockets and Trail Blazers. For the most part the Jazz are a young team and almost all their key players have little playoff experience. Crowder coming from the Boston and Cleveland can bring a mentality that could be key for this team to make a push into playoffs late in the season.

2. Larry Nance Jr.- Cleveland Cavaliers

Cavaliers fans have to love what they see in Larry Nance Jr. Nance brings an energy this Cavalier team obviously did not have earlier in the season. Nance was traded from the Lakers to the Cavaliers with fellow teammate Jordan Clarkson. In Nance’s 10 games with Cleveland he is seeing career highs in just about every statistical category. Larry is thriving off of playing next to LeBron and is showing a high ceiling if he continues to do what he has been within his last couple games. In Larry’s last two games he has posted double doubles including a monstrous 22 point 15 rebound game versus Detroit’s bigs. Going forward even if LeBron does walk this offseason, Cleveland is capable of keeping Nance for the next two season.

1. Elfrid Payton- Phoenix Suns

Elfrid Payton is perhaps the biggest steal of the NBA trade deadline. Payton was traded from Orlando to Phoenix for just a 2nd round pick. Ever since the change of scenery from Orlando, Payton in 10 games is averaging career highs for a season in points (15.7), rebounds (7.7) and assists (7.6). Even though the Suns are still at the bottom of the West it seems as if Payton has came close to rejuvenating his career here in Phoenix and if he is not part of the Suns long term plans a team out there will definitely give him a look.


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