Western Conference Playoff Prediction

1.) Rockets

2.) Warriors

3.) Portland

4.) Minnesota

5.) San Antonio

6.) New Orleans

7.) Oklahoma City

8.) LA Clippers

The Houston Rockets have been playing the best basketball of this season. Chris Paul and James Harden have become a top one-two punch and I think they have solidified the first seed while Steph Curry is out due to a sprained ankle. Portland should stick to the 3rd seed this season because Lillard has been playing great basketball, while making the case for MVP as of late. Minnesota will gain Jimmy Butler back soon which will help them win more games closer to the end of the season. San Antonio is very hopeful through gaining Kawhi Leonard back sometime this week. New Orleans may slip to the 6th seed unfortunately because of their lack of bench depth, even though Davis is playing like an MVP candidate. Oklahoma City is expected to be in the lower seeds because of chemistry problems, but they are still a treat to the higher seeds, which will have OKC play the Warriors in the first round. Lastly, I believe the Clippers will make the playoffs. They are a scrappy team with a closer in Lou Williams and high energy players in Harrell and Thornwell. Doc Rivers has done an excellent job in coaching this team this season and I think they will make the cut even though there is a three-way tie with the Nuggets, Jazz and Clippers for 8th seed.

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