The Most Valuable Warrior: Stephen Curry

This year the Warriors have dealt with injuries from a bunch of players this season, but one player they struggle with the most without. That player is Stephen Curry, yes I know your thinking Kevin Durant, but this year has shown why Curry is the most valuable member of the Warriors.

Why Curry is the most important Warrior:

This year without Kevin Durant and with Steph Curry the Warriors are 7-0. Without Curry the Warriors are 11-6, and I know that a winning record, but for the Warriors that is very uncharacteristic. It is pretty evident how fluent the Warriors offense is with Curry on the court than without him on the court even with all the other talent they have on that super team. When the Warriors don’t have Curry their PPG and FG% is down. Now who’s the best player on the team is very debatable, personally I have Durant because he’s clearly a better defensive player and he can shoot the three just as well as anyone in the league and drive to the hoop just as well as anyone in the league, but when we talk about who’s more valuable to that team and who the players flow through best with, that award goes to Curry. The Warriors are struggling to get to the one seed this year but Curry is on a role this season possibly finishing with another 40-50-90 season and 1st team all NBA.

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