Who’s the Best Isolation Player in NBA History? 

You ask me this a few years back, I’d immediately answer with Kobe Bryant. The footwork, the speed, the bag of tricks he had it all.

Scoring 81 points in a single game is only something a mere mortal player can imagine of doing. Kobe did that. But there’s this guy in Houston who might’ve taken that crown.

The 2018 NBA MVP James Harden, that’s right I said it, has blossomed into the greatest isolation player in history.

Under Mike D’Antoni, Harden has claimed his territory as the best shooting guard in the NBA. Playing full time at point guard before the arrival of Chris Paul , Harden is the model of what GMs and scouts would be looking for in their analyzation of any two guard coming into the league.

A guard who can play both positions, a proven track record of playing with and without the ball, killer instincts and cat like reflexes to the ever changing defense around him.

Just take a look at how Harden uses his famous step back to create enough space during the crucial moments of the game:

Add that to his crossover, which you can see right here:


and here :


As well as my personal favorite:


The bearded one is averaging 30.7 ppg , 8.7 apg , 5.4 rpg while shooting 44.8 percent from the field and 36.4 percent from the three point line. Let’s not forget this man has a knack to getting to the line. Knocking down a cool 86.4 percent from the foul line with the array of moves he has makes it extremely difficult to guard him.

When guarding Harden, defenders have to essentially play the perfect game. Your best hope is to contain him, because they can’t stop him. Just ask Wesley Johnson how difficult it is to guard James Harden.


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