2nd Round Predictions

I know two games have already begun but I had to wait before every 1st round series concluded. Here are my 2nd round predictions:

Warriors vs Pelicans: Warriors in 5

The Warriors just have to much firepower and especially with Curry coming back. The Pelicans have nobody off the bench that can contribute compared to the Warriors deep roster. Plus the head coaching battle is obviously in the Warriors favor.

Rockets vs Jazz: Rockets in 5

The Jazz is nowhere close to as competitive offensively as the Rockets and a team led by Donovan Mitchell just isn’t enough to beat Harden, CP3 and an incredible supporting cast around them. Jazz get one game at home though.

Celtics vs Sixers: Sixers in 6

The Celtics have been the most surprising team this year and if you know me they’re my favorite. The Sixers just have too much talent and are a much better-coached team than Milwaukee was. The Celtics played the Sixers well in the regular season but they’re gonna have to keep the games very low scoring to have a chance. Celtics grab home games but that’s it.

Cavs vs Raptors: Raptors in 7

Every home team wins in this series. The Raptors are just outstanding at home and Lebron doesn’t have a Kyrie anymore. Lebron looks totally worn down from Indiana and i can’t see them pulling out a road game.

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