5 Reasons That Make Jayson Tatum Amazing

Everyone lately has been talking about the star rookie in Boston that has been just spectacular for his age so far this postseason. I don’t think anyone expected him to be this good so quickly. Here are my five reasons that make Jayson Tatum just so good:

5. Very versatile defender

Jayson Tatum is a wing and has great height and length which makes him able to guard multiple positions which makes him such a force defensively. The Celtics have been #1 in defensive efficiency this season because of their versatile defenders like Jayson Tatum. Tatum was 14th in defensive efficiency this season, ranking the best out of any of the Celtics players.

4. Improved three balls since college

Jayson Tatum has been an absolute force from the perimeter this season. Jayson Tatum shot an insane 43.4% from three this year in his rookie season ranking in the top 10 of the league. Tatum led the league in three-point percentage for about half the NBA season and it surprised so many because coming into the draft scouts were worried about his shooting. Tatum shot only 34% from three in college. In today’s era, you need to know how to shoot the three ball and Tatum improving yay drastically just makes him a much better player

3. Handling the basketball at a high level

Tatum has a great ability to break down the defender with his ball handling skills to either get to the rim or hit a mid-range jumper. Tatum’s handle is way too good for a 20-year wing. https://twitter.com/realgm/status/995778911052222469?s=21 Here is an example of Tatum breaking down the defender and then hitting a pull up three in his face, just unstoppable.

2. Relentless attacking at the rim

Tatum has the height and the body size to just run over players to get to the rim at ease. Sometimes he just muscles his way through the defenders, other times he just blows past them. https://twitter.com/thehoopcentral/status/993634997578874881?s=21 This is a video of Tatum just blowing by Ben Simmons with a ball fake leading to an easy layup.

1. Ability to take over the game

When Kyrie went down someone had to do the heavy scoring. In the playoffs Brad went goes to Horford a lot when things break down but game 3 was a great example of Tatum just taking over the basketball game and granting the Celtics with their only playoff road win of the playoffs so far. He can beat you so many ways and when he’s feeling it he’s just unstoppable. A 20-year rookie being able to take over a playoff basketball is just the best sign a franchise can have with their rookie.

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