R.J Barrett is Already ahead of the Curve

As Summer League settles NBA scouts are already approaching the 2019 NBA Draft salivating at the loaded draft class talent at Duke. The consensus number one player in the 2019 High School Class is R.J. Barrett. The Godson of Steve Nash has had nothing but amazing mentors around him and is a constant professional. Drew Hanlen an NBA trainer for multiple NBA stars Bradley Beal, Joel Embiid, and also top prospect R.J. Barrett. He made an appearance on the Hoops Hype Podcast with Alex Kennedy.

A lot of interesting quotes came from the CEO of Pure Sweat Basketball about Barrett’s progression, professionalism, and also how he is already ahead of the curve. “He competes harder than anyone I’ve had at that age and he’s really good.” Barrett was the 2018 National High School player of the year. Playing for Canada in the FIBA 2019 World Cup showed the world that Barrett was not only ready to compete at Duke, but he is ready to wake people up about his ceiling and outplay professionals.

Hanlen has mentioned that he would take Barrett’s training to the next level by playing him against NBA guys. “He was playing pickup games with our NBA guys, not holding his own but kind of shining at times, beat some of the guys in 1-on-1. He’s ready to go.” Barrett has not only shown his potential with his athleticism and IQ, but the more his shot improves the deadlier he becomes. Highlights of Barrett playing alongside NBA Players Dillon Brooks and Kelly Olynyk for Canada in the FIBA this year show him dominating below scoring 38 points and 13 rebounds. Duke is must watch basketball with Coach K at the reigns! Barrett, Zion, Reddish, and Tre Jones are ready to go!

-Cam Carter

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