Five Possible Trades We Can See Before the Start of Next Season

1. Miami Heat Receive: Evan Turner, Zach Collins, and Wade Baldwin IV

Portland Trail Blazers Receive: Hassan Whiteside

Heat Trail Blazers

Miami finally finds a suitor here who wants Hassan Whiteside. Whiteside adds some more talent and defending to an already playoff contending team in Portland. Hassan is an immediate upgrade to Portland’s roster and if this trade would happen it be a likely chance he would come off their bench. If Whiteside would be accepting of this role and still got quality minutes, I believe that this could take Portland to the next level in terms of how far they can go in the playoffs within the next few years. In return for Whiteside Miami gets a mix of youth and an immediate plug in a player in Evan Turner. Zach Collins a top 10 pick in the 2017 draft has yet to prove what his value will be in the NBA but nevertheless is a good asset to get in return for a player who does not like his role on his respective team. Not to mention the Heat also get Wade Baldwin who showed his worth the last couple weeks in the NBA Summer League.

2. Houston Rockets Receive: Iman Shumpert and Kosta Koufos

Sacramento Kings Receive: Ryan Anderson, De’anthony Melton, 2019 1st Round Pick, 2020 2nd Round Pick

Rockets Kings

In this second trade, Houston is finally able to find a team to unload Ryan Anderson’s salary on. According to Kelly Iko of USA Today, the Houston Rockets and Sacramento Kings were discussing a trade last week that would send Ryan Anderson to the Kings in exchange for draft picks. The Kings would pick up the Rockets first round pick next year, a future second round, and De’anthony Melton; the Rockets 2nd round pick this year. Anderson’s role on the Kings would be to provide veteran leadership along with 3 points shooting to a Kings team that could use more perimeter shooting after being tied for 25th in the league in total 3 pm last year. In return for Anderson, Melton and picks the Rockets will receive Iman Shumpert and Kosta Koufos whose contracts both total to around 20 million and expire at the end of the year, giving the Rockets some flexibility next offseason.

3. Cleveland Cavaliers Receive: Terrence Ross and Jerryd Bayless

Orlando Magic Receive: Jordan Clarkson

Philadelphia 76er’s Receive: Kyle Korver

Cavs Magic Sixers

This three-team trade entails the Cleveland Cavaliers giving up players who are signed for two years in order to open up some of their awful cap situation up for next offseason. It also allows the Cavaliers to free up some guard minutes for rookie Colin Sexton. Meanwhile the Magic land Jordan Clarkson, who could definitely become their starting point guard at the beginning of next season. When Jordan Clarkson was on a team with little playoff expectations in the Los Angeles Lakers, Clarkson excelled as a player and was one of the most productive bench players in the league. The Magic are a closer team to the Lakers last year than the Cavs were and the Orlando Magic seems to be the weakest at the PG position out of any NBA team with only Jerian Grant and D.J Augustin under contract. Lastly, the Sixers get Kyle Korver another knock down 3 point shooter who not only surrounds Ben Simmons and Joel Embiid on offense but replaces Marco Belinelli’s role on this team next year as a veteran shooter.

4. New York Knicks Receive: Alex Abrines and Kyle Singler

Oklahoma City Thunder Receive: Courtney Lee

Thunder Knicks

If the New York Knicks plan to make a splash next offseason then they must start to unload some of their salaries that they have allocated to players under contract for at least two years. This trade is a start by sending Courtney Lee’s 12 million dollar salary to the Oklahoma City Thunder for Singler and Abrines. The Thunder who are trying to compete now with their core of Russell Westbrook and Paul George can use a reliable 3 point shooter, defender, and maybe most importantly a veteran off of their bench. Courtney Lee averaged 12 ppg last year, totaled the third most minutes per game for the Knicks at 30, and lead them last year in games played at 76. In return, the Knicks receive Kyle Singler and Alex Abrines two shooters who could find time for the Knicks next season but most importantly it gives the Knicks some breathing room in cap space as well.

5. Los Angeles Clippers Receive: Garret Temple, JaMychal Green, and Wayne Seldon

Memphis Grizzlies Receive: Danilo Gallinari

Grizzlies Clippers

This last trade consists of Memphis adding Gallinari in order to stay competitive and making a push for playoffs, while also giving their young core good experience going forward. If this trade were to happen there would be numerous possibilities on Gallinari’s role for the Grizzlies. One could be him starting at the three over Kyle Anderson another is him starting at the 4 over someone like Jaren Jackson Jr. giving Jackson time to adjust to the NBA. Lastly, he could come off the bench and if this were the case don’t sleep on him as a sixth man of the year candidate. With guys like Mike Conley, Chandler Parsons, Marc Gasol and now if this trade happens Danilo all signed for the next 2 to 3 years, once their contracts expire together it will open up cap to possibly attract a superstar to Memphis by the 2021 season. This makes a lot of sense for the Clippers to do so they can now have enough money next offseason for two max players to come play in Los Angeles together, after shedding off Gallinari’s 20 plus million dollar salary. Some likely players they could attract next offseason would be Kawhi, Klay, Durant, Kyrie, and Jimmy Butler.

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