How Tristan Thompson Made Draymond Green Eat His Words at the ESPYS This Summer


From the outside looking in, if you asked a typical NBA viewer what would happen when Tristian Kar.. Thompson would do once he saw Draymond Green, 85% of them probably would assume Dray would rough him up.. right? Well not so fast, according to reports at an ESPYS after party, Thompson was able to give Green a two piece and a biscuit.  Bossip was the first outlet to report the altercation, but The Athletic has since followed up with some details. At an ESPY’s after party according to Jason McIntyre, Green decided to converse with the Cavs big man and make peace and it did not end well.

The scuffle happened at LeBron James’s exclusive ESPYS after-party, where two close friends of his, Green and Thompson were invited. According to The Athletic’s Marcus Thompson, “the event prohibits phone’s and cameras, none of the attendees expected the on-the-court dram to flare back up in this setting. Which is why everyone was stunned when Thompson, according to sources, out of nowhere attacked Green.” Kevin Durant and  James reportedly broke up the scuffle.

However Pablo Torre of ESPN’s High Noon gave a very much more realistic story on what happened after the ESPYS between Dray and TTK.

Nobody has found a definitive source to explain if Thompson threw a punch, shove, or a quick two piece. But as a basketball fan, you really really hope that Green was hit with a two piece and a biscuit from Thompson.


-Cam Carter

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