How the NCAA continues to Window Dress the Public

The NCAA announced today a lot of changes and positive steps in giving High school and College players the opportunity to have more freedom and flexibility in the recruitment and drafting process. College basketball players are allowed to come back to school after the NBA draft if not selected. Currently, if a player declares for the NBA draft he will either have to play in the G-league or overseas. So now the NCAA has approved for players to come back to college and have until the Monday after the NBA draft to decide if they would like to come back by 5 p.m. and inform the Athletic director. But Woj and Jonathan Givony were able to give more context on how this rule looks amazing on paper but not very effective.

Another big change made by the NCAA is the right for “elite” High school and College players to be represented by agents. There are a lot of questions about the effectiveness and the control that the NCAA once again continues to have over there players. Number one what will consider a High school player elite? Some people have suggested that a Team USA invite will determine this selection, but has not yet been confirmed.  The NBA will look at changing it’s age rule in 2021 when the new CBA has to be agreed upon.  When this rule change is in effect, players will be able to sign with agents July 1st going into their senior year. Although all agreements made by agents and high school or college athletes must be in writing and terminated when the student enrolls in or returns to college.

Another rule announced by the NCAA, is that they will hold chancellors and university presidents personally accountable for their program following rules and it’ll also be a contractual obligation as well. Which could allow the NCAA subpoena power during investigations. It could result in stronger penalties according to reports.  So for High School players being able to have agents pay for trips now is another way to consolidate players without paying them. The biggest elephant in the room was once again swept under the rug and hoped by the NCAA to be ignored by the public and continue on to be satisfied with the progress made today. Players getting paid is inevitable in happening, but the NCAA continues to be cheap and also seem to believe if they keep Window Dressing college basketball until 2021 the FBI probe will slowly but surely be forgotten about.. but it will not.

-Cam Carter

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