Beach Party for Melo?

Although it has been a rough couple years these past few seasons for the ten-time All-Star, there is still hope for the basketball career of Carmelo Anthony. Anthony, who is currently averaging 13.4 PPG while shooting 40% from the field, has been in recent headlines lately as the Houston Rockets intend to waive him. The news first surfaced when Adrian Wojnarowski informed social media that Houston and Melo will be parting ways.

Sean Deveny reported that Miami is the ideal landing spot for the ten-time All-Star and why not. Miami has an open slot on their 15-Man Roster so they would not have to release anyone to play, and he also comes at a decent price that could not hurt Miami’s pockets. Carmelo would join his longtime friend Dwayne Wade who is on his last season in the NBA and would definitely be ecstatic to have Melo on the team with him. Miami who had already met with Carmelo’s representatives back in the summer are already familiar with each other, so maybe we will see Melo near a sunny beach in Miami.

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Another team with a beach along the coasts also offered a spot on their roster. The Puerto Rican National Basketball that has no practice court and barely any funding due to the recent Hurricane Maria that struck the Caribbean Island is in high demand for that spark to get the National basketball team going. For those that do not know, yes Melo is indeed from Brooklyn, NY but his father is a Puerto Rican descendant

Melo who has spent much time on the United States National Basketball team announced retirement from the team in 2016. If he shows interest in playing for Puerto Rico, the US Team would simply have to waive Carmelo which can be done very easily. Anthony is one of the most decorated National Basketball players, he is currently the US Olympic scoring leader with 336 points and has won one Bronze and three Gold Medals in the Olympics for team USA.

Yum Ramos is the basketball Federation president in Puerto Rico and has already told ESPN about his interest in getting Melo to play for his National team. “I’m a big fan of Carmelo not only as a basketball player but more importantly as one of our Puerto Rican hero,s” Ramos told ESPN. JJ Barea who currently plays for the Dallas Mavericks and Puerto Rico’s Basketball team also told ESPN “With his connections to Puerto Rico, his NBA stardom and his experiences, our fans would love it”

Whether or not he decides to take Ramos up on his offer and play for Puerto Rico, it has to be a relief that one team wants Melo this badly. It is now up to Melo to see if he wants to put on a number 15 jersey for Puerto Rico.

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