Carmelo’s short-lived time in Houston comes to a disappointing end

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Carmelo’s playing days in Houston didn’t last as long as either side had hoped for. Reports have surfaced from Woj that the Houston Rockets front office has decided to part ways with the 10x All-Star Small Forward. Disappointing for both sides to say the least. The Rockets have underachieved to start this season, sitting at 12th in the West with a 6-7 losing record. Chris Paul and Carmelo Anthony were relied on heavily early on into the season with James Harden missing 4 games with a hamstring injury. Carmelo is averaging 13.4 PPG this season, shooting 40% from the field and 32% from beyond the arc. The Rockets front office has said they do not intend to waive Carmelo right away and are looking to pursue trades with teams, in which Anthony can play a role he desires. Rumors of potential landing spots for Anthony include the Lakers, 76ers, Spurs, Warriors, and some say even retirement. Whichever franchise acquires Anthony is still getting a hall of fame player that can still be a productive player. If one team puts him in the right system and a role he is willing to take, they should find success with Carmelo. For now, it’s a waiting game to see who will bid for Anthony’s services.

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